yesto face masks & setting aside quiet time

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I recently received these samples from Yes To fresh from their new collection of Single Use Mud Masks, and let me tell you - these are ah-mazing. This company stays true to their product, keeping it 95% natural, cruelty free, and no parabens, phthalates and SLS. The new mud masks are for different skin types/concerns, whether it's sensitive skin, soothing irritation, or just brightening the skin.

The first mask that I have used from this collection is the pink Grapefruit Single Use Vitamin C Boosting Mud Mask. (I mostly chose this one first because it was pink.)

As soon as I opened and started to apply this, I fell head over heels. The product in the package is so smooth and soft, unlike other masks that can be stiff even before putting it on your face. But this one went on smoothly, smelled amazing, and had plenty to cover the entire face twice. After 5-10 minutes, the mask began to stiffen up (as all masks do) and dry on my face. So I washed it off, and the results were just as captivating as the application. My skin felt smooth, clean, refreshed, and so bright and glowy!

If you're not as into pink as I am, try the blue cotton mud mask for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, the green cucumber mud mask to calm sensitive skin, or the brown coconut mud mask for hydration!

You can pick these up at your local store like Target or Walmart or simply on the Yes To website for only $3.00 each.  It'll easily become your favorite mask and way to relax!

While giving the face mask time to set, I thought it was the perfect time to have my quiet time. So often we get into these daily routines that force us to go through life so quickly, no slowing down or time to spare. And then we wonder why we aren't happy. Why we feel agitated in our jobs. Why we just can't seem to feel at peace. Here's the only answer that I can think of: it is likely that missing quiet time with God is causing everything to feel too loud on your own. It is essential to take at the very least just 5-10 minutes a day to have no noise or distractions and just focus on God. Read a devotional, take notes, and after make sure to sit there in silence and talk to Him. 

Nothing else has made me feel the way that this quiet time does. It immediately puts me at rest and peace, following me through the entirety of the day, because I have put God first and given it all up to Him. I don't know at all how to handle every situation that I encounter. Most of the time I fail pretty badly when trying to take it into my own hands. But when I give it up to God, cry out in pain, say thanks in joy, whisper in the chaos or the standstills, I know that He hears me as that feeling of Him inside of my heart swells with warmth. Trust me when I say that He wants to hear from you too. 
Are you setting aside quiet time? 

If this has left you in a state of pondering, go out, grab a face mask and take some quiet time to add some peace into your day. ♡

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