ready for white - summer outfit essentials

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It's the middle of summer time! You know what that means - unbearable heat, humidity, bugs...maybe that's just Florida. But there's also things to look forward to, including summer whites!

White is so chic for the summer, not only in your outfits but on your teeth!
I've teamed up with Smile Brilliant to let y'all in on my best teeth whitening tips, along with summer styling tips! You may remember this post from earlier in the year when I collaborated with Smile Brilliant. They reached out to me again and I am so happy to put together another post with them!

When I think of summer, I think cut-off denim shorts and sneakers. I've never been much of a flats kind of girl, but it's nice to throw on a pair of Keds during the hot temps when running errands. And shorts are a must for 90+ degree heat waves. Through all the trends, cut-offs will probably continue to stick around forever.

A white long sleeve top isn't typically at the top of every summer list, but hear me out. Sure it's hot outside but with the air conditioning inside every store, house, or building of any sort, I quickly get cold as soon as I walk in anywhere. So it's nice to have on a lightweight long sleeve that I can roll the sleeves up and won't even be too hot outside. If you prefer to go lighter layered on top, you can interchange it with a white tank top or cami. Whichever way you go with your top, it always comes in handy to bring along a light jacket - for the air conditioned buildings or sudden rainstorms - and a large statement back to carry every one of your summer essentials!

Don't forget to bring along a smile as well, which you can make as white as your shirt with the help of Smile Brilliant! If you have any questions or concerns, read this article on what to know before buying. This will always be my go-to whitening product, because it not only works well and quickly but doesn't damage or hurt your teeth at all. If you're thinking at all about going for it, I say jump right in!
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The white topic always reminds me of how our inner selves are whitened, or cleansed, as well from the filth and wrongs inside of each of us, that rots us from the inside out if we don't fully accept healing for it all. Our loving Savior came down to do just that and give us a way to be free and whitened from our past, present, and future mistakes. I hope you take the moment to whiten up each part of your life, from the outside in. ♡

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