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I haven't posted a simple lifestyle look recently, so I thought these photos taken by my new photographer friend Chelsea (@chelseaimages1 on Instagram) would make the perfect opportunity!

And because I am already writing this, here's a quick life update. :)

If you've known me for any period of time, taken a look at the blog/Instagram, or just seen me walk past at some point, it's most likely that you have assumed I have a thing for fashion. Over the past couple of years, styling outfits has become one of my favorite things to do, especially for shoots. I am blessed to have had the opportunities to shoot with some incredible up and coming photographers over the last few months and have the chances to style looks for it as well! Taken my styling experience, I have signed up for a personal styling course online through a school in New York. To me, it is more valuable to do and learn about things that interest you and grow you as a person rather than just taking a class to make someone else happy. Further education doesn't have to be all dull and boring, after all!

When thinking about planning ahead for the future, as in schooling or career, my mind just continues to go back to what I call "this one moment." We spend so much time living for the next moment - making preparations, day dreaming about what's to come - that we forget about this one moment that we're living in right this very second. But the thing is, we're not guaranteed the next moment, the moment when you have your next outfit planned for or when you tell your crush those words you've been rehearsing all day long. The only thing we have is this one moment. God gives us the hope of this one moment. And Jesus gives us the anticipation of the next. Because even if the next one doesn't come along, He made that ultimate sacrifice of His next moment so that we could have ours. So that even after this one moment has passed, we have an eternity of moments to live for. And it's all because of Him.

Thank you Jesus, for this one moment. Now please help me not to blow it. ♥

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